"Improving the performance of government is the biggest challenge facing mankind. Countries that succeed will secure massive advantages over those that fail."

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Government has a vital role in every country, yet to varying degrees, government is failing to function at its best.

The fundamental challenge is making sure that all government programs are as effective as possible in achieving their objectives. Government has a unique position in societies but it is this primary role that makes it extremely vulnerable to under-performance.

Governments suffer from the failings of monopoly, however, for various reasons the "regulatory" functions that legislatures should perform, are insufficient to deliver corrective action.

As a result countries get stuck with policies and programs that are outdated and inefficient. Society moves on but government far from leading, falls further and further behind. The power of government is diminished and dissipated, its resources and potential wasted, the opportunities for improvement lost.

The Better Government Program is about how to deliver step changes in the performance of government in ways that are politically acceptable. Please contact:
Chris Prior - Program Director for more information.



Chris Prior
Program Director


"failing policies and programs are the curse of effectiveness and efficiency"

"the argument is not about big versus small government, it is good versus bad, what works and what doesn't"

"governments are so important that even a small improvement can have a dramatic impact on national prosperity"


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